The Believers - men and women - are protecting friends and guardians to each other. They enjoin what is recognized as good by the Quran and forbid that which the Quran does not so recognise 009-071

Whenever (unfortunately) two groups of the Believers fight one another, immediately make peace between them.  If one of the two groups again commits aggression against the other, you should (not be indifferent but) fight the transgressors until they return to the decision made earlier according to the Divine Law.  Thereafter if they do return, make just and fair peace between them.  Always be just as according to Divine Laws this attribute is highly commendable. 049-009

(While dealing with such matters remember that)  All the Believers are brethren and as such when making peace between them, consider both as your brothers.  Your decision should be just and fair, according to the Divine Laws.  In this way you will continue receiving Allah's Rahmah.049-010