The Quran, being the Word of God, is the Absolute Criterion of Justice, equity, impartiality, fairness, balance, and the law [Al-Meezan] 042-017

The Absolute Criterion of Justice and Equity, was sent down by Allah so that people may conduct themselves with equity 052-025

Do not transgress the Absolute Criterion of Justice and Equity 055-008

Do not be the one who, when he has to receive by measure from others, demands full measure but when he has to give by measure to others, gives less than due.

Do not be the one who likes to exploit the capabilities of others to the fullest, but does not want to give them full recompense.

Do not be the one who pays the minimum to workers and keeps the maximum for himself.

Do not be the one who, when assessing the worth of other people, tries to fix their recompense less than their worth. [083-001- 3]

Give just measure and weight. Do not give short measure and weight [006-152, 007-085, 011-084 - 5 ]

Give full measure when you measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight 017-035

Establish weight with justice and fall not short in the balance. Maintain the balance with fairness and justice, without differentiating anybody's rights and obligations 055-009