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14.  Remembrance before sleeping



(95) When retiring to his bed every night the Prophet (S) would hold his palms together spit (A form of spitting comprising mainly of air with little spittle) in them recite the last three chapters (Al-Ikhlas Al-Falaq An-Nas) of the Quran and then wipe over his entire body as much as possible with his hands beginning with his head and face and then all parts of the body he would do this three times.



(95) : { * * * } { * * * * } { * * * * * } ( )

(96) The Prophet (S) also said: When you are about to sleep recite ayat-al-kursee (The verse of the foot-stool chapter 2:255) till the end of the verse for there will remain over you a protection from Allah and no devil will draw near to you until morning.

 (Al-Lāhu Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā Huwal-Ĥayyul-Qayyūmu Lā Ta'khudhuhu Sinatun Wa Lā Nawm ) [Al-Baqarah:255]


(96) { }


(97) The Prophet (S) also said: Whoever recites the last two verses of Soorat Al-Baqarah at night those two verses shall be sufficient for him (i.e. protect him from all that can cause him harm).

 ('āmanar-Rasūlu Bimā 'Unzila 'Ilayhi Min Rabbihi Wal-Mu'uminūn) [Al-Baqarah: 285-286]

(97) )'āmana Ar-Rasūlu Bimā 'Unzila 'Ilayhi Min Rabbihi Wa Al-Mu'uminūna ...

(97) { * }

 If one of you rises from his bed and then returns to it he should dust it with the edge of his garment three times for he does not know what has occurred in his absence and when he lies down he should supplicate:

  (98) In Your name my Lord I lie down and in Your name I rise so if You should take my soul then have mercy upon it and if You should return my soul then protect it in the manner You do so with Your righteous servants.

(98) Biāsmika Rabbī Wađa`tu Janbī Wa Bika 'Arfa`uhu Fa'in 'Amsakta Nafsī Fārĥamhā Wa 'In 'Arsaltahā Fāĥfažhā Bimā Taĥfažu Bihi `Ibādaka Aş-Şāliĥīna.


(98) ǡ .

(99) O Allah verily You have created my soul and You shall take its life to You belongs its life and death. If You should keep my soul alive then protect it and if You should take its life then forgive it. O Allah I ask You to grant me good health.

(99) Al-Lahumma 'Innaka Khalaqta Nafsī Wa 'Anta Tawaffāhā Laka Mamātuhā Wa Maĥyāhā 'In 'Aĥyaytahā Fāĥfažhā Wa 'In 'Amattahā Fāghfir Lahā. Al-Lahumma 'Innī 'As'aluka Al-`Āfiyata.


(99) ǡ ǡ . .

The Prophet (S) would place his right hand under his cheek when about to sleep and supplicate:

(100) Al-Lahumma Qinī `Adhābaka Yawma Tab`athu `Ibādak. (three times)  
(100) Al-Lahumma Qinī `Adhābaka Yawma Tab`athu `Ibādaka.  3 times
(100) .


(101) In Your name O Allah I live and die.

(101) Biāsmika Al-Lahumma 'Amūtu Wa 'Aĥyā.
(101) .

(102) Shall I not direct you both (The Prophet (S) was addressing Ali and Fatimah-may Allah be pleased with them- when they approached him for a servant) to something better than a servant? When you go to bed say:

 Subĥānal-Lāh. (thirty-three times)
Al-Ĥamdu Lillāh. (thirty-three times)
Allāhu 'Akbar. (thirty-four times)

for that is indeed better for you both than a servant.

(102) Subĥāna Al-Lhi. (33 times) Al-Ĥamdu Llhi.
(33 times) Allāhu 'Akbaru (34 times)


(102) .
( ) .
( ) .
( )

(103) O Allah Lord of the seven heavens and the exalted throne our Lord and Lord of all things Splitter of the seed and the date stone Revealer of the Tawrah the Injeel and the Furqan I take refuge in You from the evil of all things You shall seize by the forelock (i.e. You have total mastery over). O Allah You are The First so there is nothing before You and You are The Last so there is nothing after You.You are Aththahir so there is nothing above You and You are Al-Batin so there is nothing closer than You.Settle our debt for us and spare us from poverty.

Tawrah: The book revealed to Moosa (A).

Injeel: The book revealed to Easa (A).

Furqan: One of the many names of the Quran means: The Criterion which distinguishes between truth and falsehood.

Aththahir: Indicates the greatness of His attributes and the insignificance of every single creation in respect to His greatness and Highness for He is above all of His creation as regards His essence and attributes.

Al-Batin: Indicates His awareness and knowledge of all secrets of that which is in the hearts and the most intimate of things just as it indicates His closeness and nearness to all in a manner which befits His majesty.

(103) Al-Lahumma Rabba As-Samawāti As-Sab`i Wa Rabba Al-`Arshi Al-`Ažīmi Rabbanā Wa Rabba Kulli Shay'in Fāliqa Al-Ĥabbi Wa An-Nawá Wa Munazzila At-Tawrāati Wa Al-'Injīli Wa Al-Furqāni 'A`ūdhu Bika Min Sharri Kulli Shay'in 'Anta 'Ākhidhun Bināşiyatihi. Al-Lahumma 'Anta Al-'Awwalu Falaysa Qablaka Shay'un Wa 'Anta Al-'Ākhiru Falaysa Ba`daka Shay'un Wa 'Anta Až-Žāhiru Falaysa Fawqaka Shay'un Wa 'Anta Al-Bāţinu Falaysa Dūnaka Shay'un Aqđi `Annā Ad-Dayna Wa 'Aghninā Mina Al-Faqri.


(103) . .

(104) All praise is for Allah Who fed us and gave us drink and Who is sufficient for us and has sheltered us for how many have none to suffice them or shelter them.

(104) Al-Ĥamdu Lillāhi Al-Ladhī 'Aţ`amanā Wa Saqānā Wa Kafānā Wa 'Āwānā Fakam Mimman Lā Kāfiya Lahu Wa Lā Mu'uwī.
(104) ǡ ǡ ǡ .

(105) O Allah Knower of the seen and the unseen Creator of the heavens and the earth Lord and Sovereign of all things I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except You. I take refuge in You from the evil of my soul and from the evil and shirk of the devil and from committing wrong against my soul or bringing such upon another Muslim.

shirk: to associate others with Allah in those things which are specific to Him. This can occur in (1) belief e.g. to believe that other than Allah has the power to benefit or harm (2) speech e.g. to swear by other than Allah and (3) action e.g. to bow or prostrate to other than Allah.

(105) Al-Lahumma `Ālima Al-Ghaybi Wa Ash-Shahādati Fāţira As-Samāwāti Wa Al-'Arđi Rabba Kulli Shay'in Wa Malīkahu 'Ash/hadu 'An Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā 'Anta 'A`ūdhu Bika Min Sharri Nafsī Wa Min Sharri Ash-Shayţāni Wa Shirkihi Wa 'An 'Aqtarifa `Alá Nafsī Sū'āan 'Aw 'Ajurrahu 'Ilá Muslim.in


(105) ~ .

(106) The Prophet (S) never used to sleep until he had recited Soorat As-Sajdah (chapter 32) and Soorat Al-Mulk (chapter 67).

  (106) " { } { }"

If you take to your bed then perform ablution lie on your right side and then supplicate:
(107) O Allah I submit my soul unto You and I entrust my affair unto You and I turn my face towards You and I totally rely on You in hope and fear of You.Verily there is no refuge nor safe haven from You except with You. I believe in Your Book which You have revealed and in Your Prophet whom You have sent.

If you then die you will die upon the fitrah.

fitrah: the religion of Islam the way of Ibraheem (A).

(107) Al-Lahumma 'Aslamtu Nafsī 'Ilayka Wa Fawwađtu 'Amrī 'Ilayka Wa Wajjahtu Wajhī 'Ilayka Wa 'Alja'tu Žahrī 'Ilayka Raghbatan Wa Rahbatan 'Ilayka Lā Malja'a Wa Lā Manjā Minka 'Illā 'Ilayka 'Āmantu Bikitābika Al-Ladhī 'Anzalta Wa Binabīyika Al-Ladhī 'Arsalta.


(107) .
29. Supplication when turning over during the night   .29 .


AAa-isha narrated that the Messenger of Allah r used to say at night if he turned during sleep:

 None has the right to be worshipped except Allah The One AL-Qahhar.Lord of the heavens and the Earth and all between them The Exalted in Might The Oft-Forgiving.

AL-Qahhar:The One Who has subdued all of creation and Whom all of creation are subservient to.  All movements occur by His will.

(108) Lā 'Ilāha 'Illā Allāhu Al-Wāĥidu Al-Qahhāru Rabbu As-Samawāti Wa Al-'Arđi Wa Mā Baynahumā Al-`Azīzu Al-Ghaffāru.
(108) ~ ǡ

30. Upon experiencing unrest fear apprehensiveness and the like during sleep





 I take refuge in the perfect words of Allah from His anger and punishment and from the evil of His servants and from the madness and appearance of devils.

(109) 'A`ūdhu Bikalimāti Allāhi At-Tāmmāti Min Ghađabihi Wa `Iqābihi Wa Sharri `Ibādihi Wa Min Hamazāti Ash-Shayāţīni Wa 'An Yaĥđurūna.
(109) .

31. Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream




The righteous dream is from Allah and the bad dream is from the devil so if anyone sees something which pleases him then he should only relate it to one whom he loves

Summary of what to do upon having a bad dream:

Spit on your left three times

Spit: A form of spitting comprising mainly of air with little spittle

Seek refuge in Allah from shaytan and the evil of what you saw

Do not relate it to anyone

Turn and sleep on the opposite side to which you were sleeping on previously.


) ()110(



) .




Get up and pray if you so desir

(111) .

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