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113. Supplication made against an enemy



 O Allah Revealer of the Book Swift at reckoning defeat the confederates. O Allah defeat them and convulse them.

(226) Al-Lahumma Munzila Al-Kitābi Sarī`a Al-Ĥisābi Ahzima Al-'Aĥzāba Al-Lahumma Ahzimhum Wa Zalzilhum.
(226) .

114. What to say when in fear of a people




 O Allah protect me from them with what You choose.

(227) Al-Lahumma Akfinīhim Bimā Shi'ta.
(227) .

115. What to say at times of amazement and delight




 How perfect Allah is.

(228) Subĥāna Al-Lhi.
(228) .


 Allah is the greatest.

(229) Āllhu 'Akbru.

(229) .

116. What to do upon receiving pleasant news




The Prophet r would prostrate in gratitude to Allah upon receiving news which pleased him or which caused pleasure.


(230) .


117. What to say and do when feling some pain in the body




Place your hand at the site of the pain and say:

 In the name of Allah     (thre times)

the supplicate seven times:

 I take refuge in Allah and within His omnipotence from the evil that I fel and am wary of.       (seven times)

Place your hand at the site of the pain and say:

(231) Bismi Al-Lhi. (3 times)

A`ūdhu Billāhi Wa Qudratihi Min Sharri Mā 'Ajidu Wa 'Uĥādhiru.
(7 times)

) (231) . ()

( ).


118. What to say when in fear of afflicting something or someone with ones eye



The Evil Eye: To look at something and be impressed with it causing harm to befall it. This looking may or may not involve jealousy and can occur unintentionally inded be part of a persons nature! A person can even inflict harm on himself.

From the supplications for the protection against the Evil Eye:

 O Allah send blessing upon him.

 (this is) that which Allah has willed there is no power except with Allah.

Al-Lahumma Bārik `Alayhi.
(232) If you se something from your brother yourself or wealth which you find impressing then invoke blessings for it for the evil eye is inded true.  Mā Shā'a Al-Lhu Lā Qūwata 'Illā Bil-Lhi.
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