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64. Upon breaking fast



 The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched and reward is confirmed if Allah wills.

(168) Dhahaba Až-Žama'u Wa Abtallati Al-`Urūqu Wa Thabata Al-'Ajru 'In Shā'a Al-Lhu.
(168) .


AAabdullah Ibn AAamr Ibn Al-AAas t related that the Messenger of Allah r said: Indeed the fasting person has at the time of breaking fast a supplication which is not rejected.  Ibn Abee Mulaykah said: I Heard AAabdullah Ibn AAomar say when he broke his fast:

 O Allah I ask You by Your mercy which envelopes all things that You forgive me.

(169) Al-Lahumma 'Innī 'As'aluka Biraĥmatika Allatī Wasi`at Kulla Shay'in 'An Taghfira Lī.
(169) .

65. Supplication before eating




When you are about to eat you should say:

In the name of Allah.

and if you forget to say it before starting then you should say (when you remember):

 In the name of Allah in its beginning and end.

(170) Bismi Al-Lhi. Bismi Allāhi Fī 'Awwalihi Wa 'Ākhirihi.
(170) . .


Whomever Allah feeds should say:

 O Allah bless it for us and feed us better than it.

.and whomever Allah gives milk to drink should say:

 O Allah bless it for usand give us more of it.

(171) Al-Lahumma Bārik Lanā Fīhi Wa 'Aţ`imKhayrāan Minhu.

Al-Lahumma Bārik Lanā Fīhi Wa Zidnā Minhu.

(171) .



66.Upon completing the meal




 All praise is for Allah who fed me this and provided it for me without any might nor power from myself.

(172) Al-Ĥamdu Lillāhi Al-Ladhī 'Aţ`amanī Hādhā Wa Razaqanīhi Min Ghayri Ĥawlin Minnī Wa Lā Qūwatin.
(172) .


 Allah be praised with an abundant beautiful blessed praise a never-ending praise a praise which we will never bid farewell to and an indispensable praise He is our Lord.

There are other views as regards to the understanding of this supplication from them: Allah be praised with an abundant beautiful blessed praise. He is The One Who is sufficient feeds and is not fed. The One Who is longed for along with that which is with Him and The One Who is needed He is our Lord.

(173) Al-Ĥamdu Lillāhi Ĥamdāan Kathīrāan Ţayyibāan Mubārakāan Fīhi Ghayra Makfīyin Wa Lā Muwadda`in Wa Lā Mustaghnáan `Anhu Rabbunā.
(173) .

67.Supplication of the guest for the host




 O Allah bless for them that which You have provided them forgive them and have mercy upon them.

(174) Al-Lahumma Bārik Lahum Fīmā Razaqtahum Wa Aghfir Lahum Wa Arĥamhum.
(174) .

68.Supplication said to one offering a drink or to one who intended to do that




 O Allah feed him who fed me and provide with drink him who provided me with drink.

(175) Al-Lahumma 'Aţ`im Man 'Aţ`amanī Wa Asqi Man Saqānī.
(175) .

69. Supplication said when breaking fast in someones home




 May the fasting break their fast in your home and may the dutiful and pious eat your food and may the angles send prayers upon you.

(176) 'Afţara `Indakumu Aş-Şā'imūna Wa 'Akala Ţa`āmakumu Al-'Abrāru Wa Şallat `Alaykumu Al-Malā'ikatu.
(176) .

70. Supplication said by one fasting when presented with food and does not break his fast




 If you are not invited (to a meal) then answer.  If  you happen to be fasting then supplicate (for those present) and if you are not fasting then eat.


(177) .


71. Supplication said upon seeing the early or premature fruit




 O Allah bless our fruit for us bless our town for us bless our saAA for us and bless our mudd for us.

A saAA is equivalent to four mudds and a mudd is equivalent to a dry measure of an average mans two palms.

(178) Al-Lahumma Bārik Lanā Fī Thamarinā Wa Bārik Lanā Fī Madīnatinā Wa Bārik Lanā Fī Şā`inā Wa Bārik Lanā Fī Muddinā.
(178) ǡ ǡ ǡ .
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